Ever wondered how to answer awkward questions from your children or start a conversation about a tricky topic? Well you are not alone! Let me help you….I frequently offer online workshops aimed at parents on how to navigate these types of talks which can be short and frequent rather than one big ‘birds and bees’ style affair! Plus you can email me any time to organise a bespoke workshop at vickywalsheducation@gmail.com.


I will shortly be offering you digital courses on a range of important areas that your child can watch alone; with siblings; with peers or with you-their parents, where you can work through the questions and activities together. This will offer you a safe framework to educate and empower your children in an age appropriate and well informed manner.


“I had a great opportunity yesterday to discuss puberty with the three boys which I would not have embraced the same way a few days ago, before attending your online workshop. I could immediately see the benefit as they were open and wanted to talk and, for my middle child especially, doing it with his brothers helped his embarrassment/shyness. I feel on much stronger ground on this now and much better prepared.”   Mum of 3, Italy 




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