One of the things I am most passionate about is working directly with children and young adults. I am lucky enough to have built ten years’ worth of relationships with the students at my current junior & senior international school and find delivering PSHE and Relationships and Sex Education so rewarding because I know it makes a difference. I also offer online workshops for children who do not come to my school and who possibly do not have access to this curriculum at their own school. I have found that even if a child has the most open of parents, especially those who are involved enough to sign their children up for this type of session, their children still gain so much from having a friendly expert speak to them about these topics!


So what are you waiting for?! We can tailor-make a workshop for your child/your child and their friends on any topic. Some example themes are:

-self-esteem and body confidence


-body parts and bodily autonomy

-the differences between secrets/privacy and surprises

-puberty changes-bodily and emotional (for 7-8 year olds / 9-12 year olds / 12-13 year olds / 14-16 year olds)


-worries around puberty

-worries / navigating friendships

-online safety with regards to friendships and intimate relationships

-sending nudes

-porn sex versus real-life sex

-What does a healthy romantic relationship look like?

-intimate relationship skills (16-18 year olds)



“It was great to know and be prepared for the future and understand and get tips from Vicky. Especially how to manage my time on devices.” Paige, 10

“I learnt a lot of things about the human body and why it is so important and how everything worlds. It was also good learning more about what everyone goes through and I am more normal than I think.” Amelia, 9

“After the lesson I now know the consequences of sending a nude and why it isn’t a great idea. Once it is sent it is out of your control what might happen to it. Other people could see it, even your parents and someone might even blackmail you with it. I think it is better just to not send anything.” Anon, 13

“I think it is important that we can talk about relationship issues in an inclusive way so we can be prepared for future relationships and we can recognise controlling behaviours. Anon 15

Head over to my Workshops page to see what is coming up next, or email me directly at to organise something soon!