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Teachers and Home Schoolers: My own free helpful materials

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Lessons and Resources:

Roll A Question

Cost: E1.99

Audience: Years 5-8

Activity Length: 30 minutes +

Format: pdf

This is truly a fantastic and fun resource which is going to get your class talking. It is a revealing game in which players answer a range of questions designed to find out more about their home lives, screen time and what they understand of certain aspects of puberty. I have used this game multiple times and it has created in-depth discussions which gave me a real insight into the student’s home lives, parental involvement in their device use, how they feel about themselves and others and what they understand about growing up. All you need is the printout (I’d recommend printing it in A3) and a pair of dice!

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Exploration of Love Lesson

Cost: E1.99

Audience: Year 5 + (may need slight adaption for Years 5&6) Will inspire engaging and thought-provoking discussions, ideal for students ranging from Year 7 to Year 13.

Activity Length: 45mins-1hour

Format: pdf AND ppt-you will receive both

Included: In this interactive and fun ‘Exploration of Love’ lesson, you can teach straight from the slides. The lesson asks thought-provoking and discussion-inducing questions such as: “How would you define love?” and “What do we know about love?” There is a fun ‘Heads Up’ game included with printable word cards to increase learners’ emotional vocabulary which can be used as discussion points. Learners are then asked to AGREE / DISAGREE or say DEBATABLE for a range of statements such as: “Romance is when you buy someone chocolates and flowers,” and, “If you love someone you will do ANYTHING for them.”

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Free Resources:

Keeping Clean Maze

A lovely fun starter/plenary maze activity to be used during any lessons around personal hygiene and puberty. Suitable for Years 2-6.

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Puberty Crossword Activity

A perfect fun activity to start or round off a lesson in a fun way! All kids love crossword puzzles and it is a great way to check their vocabulary. Suitable for Years 4-6.

Click Here for FREE Puberty crossword Years 4-6

Exploration of Love Wordsearch

Download this fun and thought-provoking wordsearch and extension activities sheet to hold discussions around love and emotional literacy whilst extending your learners’ vocabulary! Perfect for the month of February or for any morning activity/tutorial/PSHE/RSHE lesson! Suitable for Years 6-13.

Click Here for Free Exploration of Love Wordsearch



Using Respectful Language

Download this free assembly or PSHE lesson suitable for Year 6 + which explores how we use language, what is considered to be sexist language and harassment, the topic of ‘snitching’ and how to be an upstander.

Download the powerpoint so you can adjust as you see fit or download the pdf to ensure correct formatting.

Click Here for FREE RESOURCE Using Respectful Language ppt

Click Here for FREE RESOURCE Using Respectful Language pdf



Keeping Happy and Healthy during the Winter Holidays

Download this free lesson suitable for upper KS1, KS2 and lower KS3 all about coping strategies for the winter holidays. Not everyone enjoys or looks forward to the winter holidays and this resource explores why, and how we can support ourselves and our friends in healthy ways to get through a difficult time.

Download the powerpoint so you can adjust as you see fit or download the pdf to ensure correct formatting.

Click Here for FREE RESOURCE Keeping Happy and Healthy during the Winter Holidays ppt 

Click Here for FREE RESOURCE Keeping Happy and Healthy during the Winter Holidays pdf 



Period Handout

Download this handy free guide to help you discuss periods with your preteen and answer all those tricky questions that they might have. This guide is helpful to parents and teachers who will be delivering lessons on puberty and periods.

Click Here for FREE RESOURCE Period Handout


Helpful Links For Teachers:

Sex Education Forum RSE definitions guide

PSHE Association 2014 FAQs about Pornography and Sending Nudes

ENGLAND: Department for Education Statutory Guidance for RSHE

For training and class resources – CWP Resources Ltd

For training and class resources – Esteem ACET UK


Helpful Links For Parents:  Review movies/apps/games and books before your kids get into it!

Thinkuknow  Help your children get the most out of the internet

Sexual Health and Wellbeing Guide for under 25s  Learn the facts yourself before talking to your tweens and teens!   Great website for parents including video playlists and parent guides