New to cups and not sure how to get it into the right place? Been using cups for a while but sometimes you just can’t get it right?

Here are some top tips to try and help you find the perfect position. Everyone is different so as frustrating as it is not to be given one magic answer, hopefully these tips will help you find your perfect technique!

🩸 Remember, if the cup is in the right place you shouldn’t be able to feel it at all! You should also not experience leaks and this process should NOT be painful 🩸

1. Try to relax: being stressed or hurrying can often make things worse and then vaginal muscles might tighten
2. Try practising when not on your period so you don’t have that added stress
3. Read the instructions or watch some YouTube tutorials-preferably from the company you bought it from
4. Wetting the cup might help (water/water based lube)
5. Try standing, squatting or sitting in different positions whilst inserting
6. Raise a leg
7. Try inserting at different angles (horizontal at 45 degrees is often recommended)
8. Try aiming towards the base of the spine
9. Grip the base of the cup and rotate it 360 degrees
10. Try out all the different types of folds to see which one work for you
11. Try pinching the bottom of the cup once inserted to help open it up
12. Do a few kegels -might help form a seal
13. Run your finger around the cup once inserted to make sure it is open
14. The cup should not be sticking out of the vaginal opening but it shouldn’t be too high up either-only just inside you
15. Insert folded a small way and then try opening it whilst it’s in the vaginal canal (rather that it opening itself)
16. Trim the stem if needed (maybe if you have a low cervix so the cup sits in a low position). MAKE SURE TO LEAVE ENOUGH TO PULL OUT
17. If all else fails, try changing the cup or size of cup

Sometimes cups need a bit of determination and perseverance. If you are up for the challenge, once you’ve got your technique you can say goodbye to buying products monthly 💰 , worrying about where the closest toilet is on a day out 🚽 and worrying about the environmental impact of disposable plastic products 🌍