What a great question from a young teen. There’s so much to unpack here!

1️⃣You don’t HAVE to be in a relationship at any point in your life. Some people choose to be in romantic relationships, some people don’t. (Cue conversation about pressures relating to society and culture 😉)
2️⃣ What does a romantic relationship look like according to you?
3️⃣ What age do you think someone could be in a romantic relationship and why? (Cue conversation about maturity, what people might want out of a relationship at different points in their lives)
4️⃣ What about cultures where they practice arranged marriage? What do we know/think about that?
5️⃣ What do you think about people being in many relationships throughout their lifetime?

….so many conversations to be had with this one! I love it when children ask questions like this that can be bounced back to them.

Where would you take this conversation? How would you answer? Would love to hear your thoughts!