I get asked this question by adult followers of my instagram account a lot.

The answer is probably NO!!! but ask yourself these questions first:

❓is my masturbating getting in the way of my social life? Am I choosing to stay in and masturbate over going out with friends on repeated occasions?
❓am I hurting myself-are my genitals getting sore from this?(tip-use lubrication)
❓ is my masturbating related to watching too much porn?
❓am I using masturbation as an escape from problems? (you’d have to judge if that’s problematic or not!)

You see! As long as masturbating is part of your life rather than taking over your life, there is no such thing as too little or too much ✌️

🌸 And remember, there are lots of benefits to masturbation (chemical /physical release / stress relief / self exploration etc)