Not all families look the same….
Representation is so important in our lessons as we should be reflecting the world around us in our classrooms and also opening children’s eyes up to other people’s experiences too.

🏫 From a Relationships and Sex Education perspective, we talk to our pupils about the fact that families don’t all look the same from the very beginning of their school career-when they are 4 and 5 years old.

📖 Using books like THE FAMILY BOOK by Todd Parr are always a great way to start conversations. Children get to talk about what being a family means to them, and how different families can look.

🤰 When we start talking about adults deciding to have families of their own when the students are a bit older, we discuss the following:
-not everyone wants to have children
-some people get pregnant through sexual intercourse
-some couples go to clinics for help with their fertility
-single people or single sex couples can use sperm donation, IVF treatments and surrogates
-people can adopt

Inclusion and representation matters, students need to learn about other people’s lived experiences and about the choices they have as they grow up.