Premature ejaculation (PE) is where the penis owner ejaculates too quickly during sexual intercourse. What constitutes too quickly? Some define it as ejaculating in under a minute, others as the person with a penis feeling like they can’t control their ejaculation. Occasional episodes of PE are common and are not a cause for concern. However, if you’re finding that around half of your attempts at sex result in PE, it might help to get treatment.
💥There are an array of psychological and physical factors that can cause someone to suddenly experience PE, including: prostate problems, thyroid problems, using recreational drugs, depression, stress, relationship problems and anxiety about sexual performance.
(It’s possible, but less common, for someone to have always experienced premature ejaculation since becoming sexually active.)
Some facts:
⬆️you can learn to control ejaculation, similar to the way bladder control is learned at a young age.
⬆️While there can be psychological elements to PE, many cases are the result of an oversensitive glans penis, or head of the penis. This is called a low ejaculatory threshold.
⬆️Alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and antidepressants are NOT good ways to control premature ejaculation- While inhibition of ejaculation may be one side-effect of these drugs, other serious side-effects associated with such drugs must be taken into account. More often substance abuse causes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, and other side effects.
⬆️Anesthetic sprays or creams available at sex shops are NOT good ways to control PE. (These products work rarely, if ever.)
⬆️More patients who have suffered from PE for long periods eventually develop erection problems than those who are able to control their ejaculation. Many times, PE is the first sign of Erectile Dysfunction.
⬆️It is often difficult to relax and enjoy the experience of love making if you are worried that ejaculation may occur too soon. Any problem that affects your self-image can have a negative impact on your confidence and ability to socialize.
💡 Communication/kindness/patience/reframing sex are all ways to work through PE (on your own or with partner/s)