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There is more understanding than ever that the wellbeing of our learners (and staff/parents!) directly impacts the quality of our relationship with ourselves, others and our academic potential. Giving learners the tools to get in touch with, manage and express their feelings is of vital importance and these are skills that can be used throughout a life time to aid mental health and wellbeing. Without a sense of wellbeing and self-worth, it is unlikely that a person will experience a healthy relationship with themselves or others. And why is Relationships Education so important? When children and young adults are given the opportunity to learn about their bodies, the space to develop their values around relationships and the knowledge to help them navigate the changes and situations that they will face as they grow up, they are able to advocate for themselves and make safer choices in life.


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20 years experience and training in both the UK and international settings.

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Vicky Walsh

British Qualified Primary School Teacher

Alongside being a primary school class teacher, I have always been interested in a subject called Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economics Education because I feel it covers some of the most important topics we can teach our children in order for them to live healthy and well informed lives. Relationships and Sex Education falls into this subject, which I have made my specialism. I have trained with many UK based organisations, including Working With Men, The Christopher Winter Project and I am an ACET UK Esteem Network Member. I have 20 years experience working in the public and private sectors of the UK and the international sector, where, like all teachers, I have worked with learners from all walks of life, cultural and religious backgrounds and learning needs. I deliver webinars, seminars , workshops and speak at conferences, write my own materials, train teachers, workshop with parents and speak to young people about their mental health and wellbeing.

What are people saying about Vicky's in person and online workshops?
Grainne, UK

Grainne, UK

In person Mindful Sex Ed Workshop

"I am a teacher in a UK primary school and a mum to 4 children. 2 of which are just starting to hit puberty. Vicky’s talk on some of the challenges our young people face was very insightful and has opened the door to conversations that might have been a bit tricky. It has given me a much better understanding on how to support them through not only the physical changes that are happening to their bodies but the emotional ones they face in a very technological world."

Catherine, Italy

Catherine, Italy

Online Mindful Sex Ed Workshop

"I attended Vicky's session via zoom. I am a primary school teacher and a mum of 2 girls, aged 10 and 13. I found the session hugely helpful and informative in both my roles! Vicky's wealth of experience enables her to really understand the challenges that young people face in growing up and navigating a world which is quite different to the one we grew up in. She has given me so much more confidence in talking to my own children about difficult subject matters; puberty, consent and their online behaviour. In fact, after the course we had the most amazing conversation about our bodies, how different we all are and the importance of self-respect and being clear about what they feel comfortable with and how to say if they are not comfortable with something. The course handouts were really helpful and really helped when talking to the girls about their bodies. I have also been inspired in terms of my teaching by Vicky's straightforward, clear speaking approach and I have been able to pass this on to my colleagues as well.
Thank you for a fantastic session Vicky and Lisa!"

Natasha, New Zealand

Natasha, New Zealand

Online Puberty Workshop for Parents

I attended an online webinar hosted by Vicky on puberty and sex education. As a mother of 2 daughters, I wanted to gain advice and knowledge around how to talk to my children about these topics and what was appropriate and relevant. Vicky delivered so much fantastic and insightful content in the one hour session. I left feeling empowered in how to tackle these sensitive topics and with the resources that were given at the end of the webinar, I felt equipped to start having some open and much needed discussions with my children. I've since put this into practice and I'm so pleased that I've started to open up lines of communication with my daughters in order to give them the tools and understanding to know exactly what's going on with their bodies and how to manage their journey through puberty and beyond. Vicky is so knowledgeable and approachable and I will definitely be seeking more advice in the future.


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